Shelter Medicine


dog's mouthCurrently, there is a national shortage of veterinary technicians trained in the medical, managerial, professional and legal issues associated with animal shelter organizations. Highly trained veterinary technicians who can proactively facilitate and lead shelter care programs providing and facilitating the health of sheltered animals are in demand. The Yuba College Shelter Medicine Certificate of Training will enhance the capability of current shelter technicians as well as improve recruitment and employment opportunities of new graduates for shelter positions.

Training veterinary technicians and animal care givers in shelter medicine at Yuba College will help educate learners in the concepts and struggles of homeless and unwanted animals, sheltering and housing system design, preventive shelter medicine, and evidence-based state-of-the-art methodology in veterinary health care. The Yuba College Veterinary Technology Program offers a series of specialty training courses which are designed to help veterinary technicians, animal control officers and shelter staff meet the management challenges implicit in today’s shelter environments.

Local private and county animal shelters will be utilized for certificate student training. This convenient distance learning program is ideal for the working professional and allows for more flexibility than a traditional college curriculum and is designed to allow students to complete the Certification of Training in just one year.

The cost for any of our certificate programs is the current cost of tuition at a California Community College. The cost for textbooks is variable, depending upon the class(es) taken; many books may be rented or purchased used. The length of time needed to complete the certificate will depend upon how many courses the student takes each semester. All certificates can be completed in one calendar year. More information on the certificates as well as employment data can be found here: Earning Potential.

For questions or enrollment information please contact Certificate Coordinator: 

Bonnie Loghry, CPH, MPH, RVT
Request for Certificate (to be emailed to Certificate Coordinator once all courses have been successfully completed)


Certificate of Training

Required Core Courses Units
VETT 5 series Internship**(see below for course prerequisite)
VETT 6 Veterinary Workplace Safety
VETT 52 Human Animal Bond
VETT 54 Public Health and Infectious Disease
VETT 55 Veterinary Medical Terminology
VETT 56 Shelter Medicine
VETT 57 Animals and Society
Total units required for certificate 20

*Additional certificate requirements: VETT 5 internship will be held at an approved animal shelter facility.

**Vett 91 is the prerequisite for this course and must be completed prior to enrolling in any of the Vett 5 courses

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