Certified Euthanasia Technician Training Course

anesthesiaCertified Euthanasia Technicians (CETs) play a vital role in the humane termination of the life of an animal. Through training and certification, euthanasia technicians are expected to:

  • order euthanasia supplies,
  • maintain the security of all controlled substances and other approved drugs, report violations or suspicion of a violation or any abuse of drugs,
  • prepare animals for euthanasia,
  • accurately record the dosages for drugs that are administered and amounts for drugs wasted,
  • humanely euthanize animals, and
  • properly and lawfully dispose of euthanized animals and expired or unwanted drugs, other chemical agents or the containers, instruments and equipment used in the administration of approved drugs.

Certification course

The Yuba College Veterinary Technology Program course teaches the curriculum as prescribed and approved by the State of California. The YCVTP CET has the required classroom curriculum and an extensive hands-on practical block of instruction on performing euthanasia. Drug licensing, ordering, safety and security are also taught. This workshop covers anesthetics, legend drugs, anatomy, verification of death, and worker safety. An entire section deals with the unique stress felt by those who perform euthanasia. During the hands-on section, you will see how to perform intravenous, intraperitoneal, and intracardiac injections, as well as gentle and humane restraint methods. Applicants for certification as a CET must be eighteen (18) years of age or older and demonstrate proficiency in compliance with the standards for CETs. Standards include the responsibilities designated to CETs and skills necessary to successfully and humanely euthanize animals. This CET course meets the requirements of the state of California for anyone re-certifying as a euthanasia technician. This course is available at remote locations upon request. Group discounts are available

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